Why I love the Suburbs

I know. I know. Any out of the box thinking type should definitely hate most things about the burbs. Chain restaurants, big box stores, industrial parks and all such matters designed to force conformity and suppress any form of creativity. But here’s the thing. When you basically subscribe to a low consumer lifestyle, and can therefore avoid the soul stripping elements of, say, an Applebee’s, where you are matters less. I jump on my bike and peddle. Sure, I sometimes have to link sidewalks between roads to avoid ignorant drivers. But, you can be certain you’ll be the only one at that lone coffee house during work hours. The library will be yours, cause, hey, who in affluent America actually uses that thing? And parks are generally empty for quiet contemplation. Makes you wonder why they built some of these things in the first place. But, people’s best intentions are my gain. So, thank you suburbia for building a safe environment filled with all the things you think should be there but really have no use to be bothered with. I’ll be
glad to partake.


Quiet coffee, 67 degrees in January, and the whole place is mine. The burbs ain’t so bad.


Back in DC

Austin finally revealed itself and the time was right to head out. So, back in DC for a few months to regroup. Hopefully some money opportunities will present themselves as well. I’ve been hitting up my storage bins, full of all kinds of things I couldn’t do without, yet somehow did for 18 months. I’m constantly minimizing, which is to say I’m always clearing space for something new. Not exactly the Thoreauvian reality I picture in my minds eye. It’s pretty amazing when you really think about all of the purchases we make outside of our true meager needs. If you really think about commerce, marketing, material desires, etc…..it’s baffling that we constantly fall prey to the ploy. Always thinking the shiny and new will finally make us fully content. It’s pure thin air. Literally no need for most of it….and yet we trade so much of our time and energy playing. Why do we do it? To feel desirable. Loved. Respected. So others will see us as the role we’ve purchased. To fill emotional voids. Boredom. Justification for all the time spent earning the money in the first place. The list goes on. No easy answers. As for me…..no new purchases for a while. I’ve got enough shit to find a home for!

On The Move…

The 3 month escape from Winter begins its final descent tomorrow. A planned leave from Jackson, WY last November. A hopeful entry to various parts of California lightly spoiled by an unrecoverable economy. Bohemian Austin, TX to continue the search for warmth. Jobs? Yes. But a social noncomformist, a blown budget, and things not piecing together quite quick enough and its off to safer harbors for a while. Too many mountain high Winters caused this. Sitting in negative temperatures would have had the grass looking so green. Alas, the cliche fits. Along the way……bike tour of Wine Country and coast. A Jeep going to its resting place. Immersing ourselves in the sketchier hoods of Austin. Bikes. Always bikes. But, time to cauterize the financial wounds and prepare for Summer re-entry to the mountains. A shot of Winter first. Damn you Winter. I tried to leave you behind.