On The Move…

The 3 month escape from Winter begins its final descent tomorrow. A planned leave from Jackson, WY last November. A hopeful entry to various parts of California lightly spoiled by an unrecoverable economy. Bohemian Austin, TX to continue the search for warmth. Jobs? Yes. But a social noncomformist, a blown budget, and things not piecing together quite quick enough and its off to safer harbors for a while. Too many mountain high Winters caused this. Sitting in negative temperatures would have had the grass looking so green. Alas, the cliche fits. Along the way……bike tour of Wine Country and coast. A Jeep going to its resting place. Immersing ourselves in the sketchier hoods of Austin. Bikes. Always bikes. But, time to cauterize the financial wounds and prepare for Summer re-entry to the mountains. A shot of Winter first. Damn you Winter. I tried to leave you behind.


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