Thank You To My Bicycle….

I wake up to the hum of the morning commute. I eat dinner to the drone of the evening commute. Interspersed is the loud braying of the sports car being revved near its max out on the parkway. I see people sitting idly in tin cans. Mildly annoyed at the indignity of having to wait. Their personal chariots not giving them all access freedom to come and go at their whim. Ever increasing hours spent paying for this life. Guts growing. Blood vessels hardening from the tension. Lives shortened on their own, yet extended by “just asking your doctor” for the latest drug. Gym memberships adding to the chipped away pile of earned yet lost wages. And then there is me. Peddling along at a 10 mile per hour bliss. Sure, I may arrive somewhere a little after you. But it didn't cost me more than a little pasta. And it saved me in a myriad of other ways. Neighborhoods seen, seasonal changes noticed, trimmer waist line, fatter wallet, and on and on. So thank you bicycle, for allowing me to do things a little differently. I can't thank you enough



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