The Long Process…

Been on a minimizing kick of late. Craigslist, Ebay, and Goodwill have been my friends. Its always an interesting process. You forget what emotional attachments you can have to things that you haven’t seen our used in an extended period of time. But, I have rational conversations with myself and usually get past this, though sometimes the object still wins. Nonetheless, my pile gets smaller by the day, my back account a bit larger. Not even close to the original economic output, but that tends to be hopeless once we’ve been separated from our money in the first place. Thoreau’s wisdom once again. Wealth should be
measured by what you can afford to leave alone. Amazing that a  book from a completely different time is still so relevant today. Hopefully I can remember it’s lessons next time the urge to buy rises up. In the meantime, I’ll keep chipping away at this pile of stuff from a different time in my life.


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